Karate for Kids and Toddlers

Karate for Kids and Toddlers

When talking about the benefits of practising any discipline, we hear a bunch of information concerning the physical benefits.

There’s a lot of written regarding the development of fine and gross motor skills, an increase of flexibility and the strengthening of the muscles. Kids and toddlers who start practising Karate at the age of 4 or 5 years old, will acquire physical abilities which will be helpful at school.

This time, we want to talk about the psychological benefits that will make you take the decision to register your kids for Karate lessons:

Some kids start the lessons feeling uncomfortable because they think it will be difficult. They may believe that they must act like in the movies, but with just one or two days of practice, they realise that it is entirely different, our classes are mostly safe games and teamwork directed to teach the basics of Karate. Thanks to that, they discover their inner strenght.

Karate kids
Karate toddler

We encourage kids to finish each activity until the end before proceeding with the next. In current times, where social media promotes short spams of concentration, it is essential for kids to learn how to focus on only one activity to do it right, instead of doing many things at a time and not doing any of them right.

In our karate lessons, there’s always time to transmit the importance of respect, perseverance, courtesy, and other aspects such as cleanness of the Dojo and the uniform.

Having clear objectives and reaching them is motivating for everybody. By practising Karate, kids set their own goals through the motivation of the belt change examination. The best of all is that they can observe their personal improvement when they domain a new technique.

We are Karate teachers (Sensei) who love to work with children. We are located in Bogota, Colombia and want to invite you and your kids to come and take a free lesson with us.

Contact number / Whats App: (57) 317 635 0999 (info@aprendekarate.com)

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